Park Lane & Mayfair

Being a top escorts in London, they know how to look classy in public and slightly less demure in private.

Before our ladies entered the world of being elite escorts for Park Lane and Mayfair, they had a particular style.

When you look around in the evenings, young girls committing the cardinal sin…Legs and chest are both on display. It is never acceptable to mix cleavage and thigh.

On the flip side, sometimes dressing a little bit saucier can be a turn-on for a few clients. One of our ladies was going to accompany a gentleman client to a very classy casino; she had her attire worked out. Long dress, low yet subtle cleavage and sexy, sultry make-up. Our client requested, however, that she wear a short skirt with plenty of cleavage and skyscraper heels, heaps of make-up and tousled bed hair. She knew this was not the way to go at such a venue, but he insisted. She arrived with him, looking like a cheap hooker, not the London model escort she prided herself on being and attracted all sorts of attention, which our client was not impressed about at all. So the morale of the story is sometimes our ladies will have to tell their clients that they will do whatever and wear whatever but only when it’s appropriate.

It’s not even about designer names; it’s about knowing how to work with what you’ve got and being confident. If our girls wear longer skirts or trousers, they know they can have a plunging neckline or backless top. She also knows if she wears tailored shorts or a shorter hemline, there will be no cleavage on display.

Our girls are lucky in their line of work to have the time to go through fashion magazines and go searching in London’s finest boutiques and stores to find gorgeous treasures that they can team up with high street imitations.

Our high-class girls love to experiment with looks. They love to experiment in the bedroom. So, with these two ideas, they give their clients their money’s worth, and our ladies’ wardrobe gets a great workout!

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