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Women multi-task ten jobs at once; men concentrate their efforts on doing one job well. So whose method works better?

My definition of multi-tasking is to have dinner cooking [read: microwave heating through something left over because usually I’m out at a London restaurant], my best friend on loud speaker counselling her on a rubbish boyfriend, my diary open while simultaneously painting my toe nails and the television on listening to the news. Our conversation would probably be: “blah… blah… boyfriend… blah… oh dammit I’ve smudged it! … Blah… blah… have you seen the rate of inflation has fallen for the first time since 2009 … blah…. blah… he didn’t!? What a swine! Blah… hold on I’ve got to stir this dinner…” – do you see what I mean?

Now let me apply that to my work life. I could be in a taxi to Fulham, Filofax open preparing for the next date in Kensington, while applying a fresh face of make-up, while on the phone to my mother who I haven’t seen for weeks. However, should I ask a male friend or client what their definition of multi-tasking was; they’d probably say “talking on the phone while eating a sandwich.” Or: “women multi task, that’s why they never get anything finished!” The naughtier among them might liken multi-tasking to being able to do more than two things at the same time in bed. With the former, I refuse to be drawn into that argument because it is the misogynistic view, nothing more.

So, do I believe that multi-tasking is purely a female thing? Of course I do. I couldn’t possibly do my job as top British escort in London if I thought I couldn’t. Crikey, imagine how hectic and stressed my life would be. No, no. I shall continue to be marginally brilliant at a dozen things, extremely brilliant at half a dozen more and absolutely fantastic at two things at once. After all, isn’t it true that if you want a job done well, you must do it yourself?

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