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After all the shocking news lately; Gaza, plane crashes and the Ebola breakout in Africa – I feel a bit depressed about life after reading my morning paper, but at least we’ve had the Commonwealth Games to take our minds off what is happening in the world. I love a bit of a competitive sport.

I can’t say that I have ever felt compelled to don a pair of running shoes and join in. I have enough trouble pounding the streets of Central London on my way to meet clients, friends and family. Who needs a workout when you’re an elite escort? I have never subscribed to a gym, and I doubt I ever will!

I have to say that I have never felt more proud to be a Londoner than I have of late. We have so much to offer the world as they fly into our airports and either holiday or settle here for a while. I have clients that are French, Spanish, Italian, American, Russian and Arabian. I can speak a little of all the languages and have taken evening classes to improve the GCSE standard of French I acquired at Secondary School. How else would I know how to say, “Excuse me, could you tell me where I would find Gucci?” or “Pardon me, do you know the way to the George V Hotel from here?”

[As you all know, I have stayed there many times, either alone or with a client – it does pay to help oneself.]

As the sun beams through the window on these warm summer days and evenings, I hope this lovely weather stays and the terrible news doesn’t go on for much longer. Keep your fingers crossed that the forthcoming weeks will be happier for everyone.

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