Park Lane & Mayfair

I’m the sort of person who gets very excited about new ideas and impulsively want to do-it-all-now. Living in London, working for a top escort agency and experiencing the fantastic things I do every day really doesn’t help my must do attitude.

For example, I have quite good rhythm (I think) and when Joe, a finance director took me back to his marvellous Batchelor pad in Kensington and showed me the pole that was gracing the middle of one of his 7 sitting rooms, I had to show off my gyrating skills along with my new Agent Provocateur undies to ‘Bump and Grind’. When he suggested I take classes to really show off what I got, I enquired straight away to a Central London dance crew who had a pole dance school. Well, I went there and lasted approximately 30 minutes before I realised (I think they took about 30 seconds to see it) that no matter how great my body is; a strong lithe athlete I’m not. Yes I can kick a few moves on the pole and wrap my legs round it raunchily while licking my lips and flicking my hair, but I cannot climb up and hang upside down, nor can I hold on by my ankle – so bang went that genius plan.

My next grand venture was to learn a language fluently. I had accompanied Marco to Milan many times and always picked up on certain phrases that he and I thought sounded sexy when I said them. So, I thought instead of going to college for evening classes and taking the time out of my busy schedule, I would purchase one of those learn on the go CD’s. That idea lasted about a week and now I think the CD is gathering dust on one of my bookshelves.

If only there was a genius idea of me sharing my shopping skills with another…oh yes, that’s just simply called a girlie afternoon.

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