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Whilst there are London escort agencies that represent mature escorts, youthful-looking escorts are indeed more popular with clients. There is a biological attraction to youthful-looking companions and a psychological one; young escorts are perceived to be more curious and adventurous in many aspects of their companionship. They are perceived to be more playful and spontaneous, whereas older escorts are perceived to be wiser and more experienced.

Many say that we live in a youth-obsessed culture, and to some extent, they are right; our celebrities, models and ideals of feminine beauty are getting younger by the day, and surgeries promising to reverse the ageing process are gaining in popularity (and more affordable than ever!) What does this say about our age preferences? Looking at all the leading escort agencies, one can say that young models, as opposed to older ones, are in the mainstream. In other words, they appeal to more clients and are selected for their youthful beauty.

Whatever the reasons for preferring youthful London escorts, age is a massive factor for clients when they select a guardian. Some never bother with escorts under a certain age, and some only book student escorts between 19-25! If you are a client who prefers younger companions, then Park Lane and Mayfair is just the right agency for you; here, we represent young models who are genuinely between the ages of 19 and 25. Sensual, open-minded and friendly, our Park Lane and Mayfair escorts are not only youthful, but they also possess the charm and personality to make your time spent with them very memorable.

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