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Good manners are always attractive no matter what the situation. Park Lane and Mayfair escorts love to please their clients and clients who make the effort to be polite and considerate are always appreciated by the escort. You can say that good etiquette benefits the client because every escort prefers and enjoys spending time with a gentleman!

After sifting through so many etiquette rules about booking escorts, here are the most important, in our opinion.

Being punctual and polite

Clients who turn up to their bookings on time and are polite on the phone to the escort agency will make a great impression even before the booking. Punctuality shows that the client cares about the escort’s time and is keen to keep his word. When a client cannot be punctual due to delays, he should be polite and inform the escort agency as soon as possible.

Personal hygiene

Clients who make an effort to look groomed and clean will make a great first impression. Escorts love spending time with a client who cares about his or her personal hygiene. Many elite escorts will have good facilities for washing if the client has not done so already.

Respectful at all times

Being respectful could imply many different things and should be consistent throughout the booking. Some respectful actions would include not bargaining down the prices, being respectful of the escort’s personal boundaries and being discreet when seen with the escort in public.

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