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Whether or not the male and female brains are different has been the subject of much debate over the course of human history. Apart from all the theoretical discussions about the differences between the two genders in regards to their brains, there have been plenty of studies that have shown men and women’s brains are actually different in a structural and functional level, albeit not in every single regard.

Specific differences between how males and females tend to act in a general capacity and have pinpointed some locations of the brain such as the amygdala as major factors of the cause. For example, a common theory says that males have a higher sex drive due to their having a larger amygdala. Women also tend to linger more on negative emotional experiences and depression than men due to the fact that the emotional memory formations on the amygdala are much stronger than what can be usually found in males.

The differences between the brains of the two genders can be observed in multiple areas of the brain that correspond to specific emotions, thoughts and reactions, at least as far as we can observe with current technology. After all, the studying of the brain is still a relatively young field technologically and we still have a long way to go till we have solid information about the way everything works up there.

The differences do not stop there of course. Men are said to be better at actions like recognizing objects in a given space, measuring distances and heights and generally navigating their way through any given space and object. On the other hand, women are better at recognizing facial expressions on average than men. Of course, there are plenty of exceptions to this rule due to how the human brain is formed during the course of development and plenty of other factors, both physical and psychological.

The point of the matter however remains the same and our male clients and London escort ladies are definitely different in some regards and there is no reason to believe one is better than the other as a whole and humans are made of much more than just their brains. The functional differences between the brains of men and women are still there for us to explore and we will definitely get more answers as time and technology moves forward.

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