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Let’s focus on clients this time. When a new client calls a London escort agency, the agency should verify the room number and name of the hotel before sending a girl. When you arrive, the polite thing for a man to do would be to offer a drink to the escort. However, some escorts see this as an invitation to drink a gallon of champagne. It doesn’t matter if the client is super-rich, looks clean and respectable, or has booked multiple times; don’t be intoxicated. If there is no response from the escort, Park Lane and Mayfair will send someone to check the staff is okay. If you wake up after falling unconscious, the client will have free reign to do whatever.

Where there is light, there is inevitably a shadow, a subject that Park Lane and Mayfair bring up frequently because they want their escorts, any other staff on any other site or girls considering applying to become an escort to remember to put themselves first.

If you walk into a room with two men and the escort agency is under the premise that there is one man, you refuse to enter the room and call the escort agency to find out what is happening. You don’t enter the room if you feel unsafe, irrespective of whether the agency feels angry or not. If the client speaks with an aggressive or demoralising tone – then leave. If you work independently, ask the client for something identifiable, such as his fixed line number or an ID that will help you know about him through publicly available records.

So be safe…

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