Park Lane & Mayfair

So, what if you find a date for this evening quickly and need to ‘save face’?

This is what happened to one client called Oliver, who called desperate for a date; he didn’t know much about escort agencies, and his misconception has been from TV shows that he has seen papers filled with ‘seedy’ encounters. He had no choice; he needed a plus for his evening out.

He stumbled across Park Lane and Mayfair escorts as he googled ‘High-Class escorts’. As he clicked on the website, he could see immediately that most, if not all, of the ladies, were high-class elite ladies, and as he read further, he could see that these ladies could be taken out to functions such as his. He anxiously called Park Lane and Mayfair, wondering what sort of person would answer. He was pleasantly surprised as not only was the receptionist English, but she also sounded warm and friendly, making him instantly feel at ease. He asked the question about a lady possibly joining him for his engagement. We quickly got on the case and suggested suitable ladies for him to take. Oliver was able to look at our agency’s recommendations first and was told if he needed to talk to them first, he could do that.

It was the evening of the function, and Oliver booked into the Four Seasons Hotel. He was dressed for the occasion, and everything seemed perfect; he just hoped his date would be too. He was thinking of ways to let the lady down gently if she didn’t meet his expectations; he even had a cancellation fee waiting. His lady of choice arrived promptly at 7.30 pm – ‘here goes nothing,’ he thought to himself!! When he opened his hotel room door, he couldn’t have been more wrong. This girl was stunning, and her presence oozed charisma as she entered his room. She was dressed immaculately in costly attire; she smelt heavenly and seemed perfect, ‘’ thought Oliver. She introduced herself, and they got the formalities out of the way. Oliver told her where they were going and what to expect, and his lady listened intently and understood what he wanted. To Oliver, she didn’t look out of place, nothing like you’d see in a movie or nothing whatsoever which has been described in books or papers that he had read. This girl was ‘normal’ – normal but stunning with excellent conversational skills; he was as pleased as punch.

The evening was a great success, and all his colleagues were impressed with his plus one guest. They didn’t know that she was from a London escort agency and assumed that it was his ‘real’ girlfriend as the escort lady was a social butterfly who could talk to anybody and not feel out of place. Oliver couldn’t believe how much he worried about finding somebody to take. He now knew some establishments were genuine and had professional ladies just for an event like his. When Oliver woke up the following day, a smile emerged on his face. He didn’t feel so low anymore and undervalued, and booking a female companion wasn’t as seedy as he had expected; he will be using Park Lane and Mayfair again and again – this time not for a function but maybe for his pleasure…

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