Park Lane & Mayfair

There are a lot to do in Hyde Park, depending on what you are willing to. If you’re up to explore the 5* hotels then visit The Mandarin Oriental, which is known for elegance, luxury and top notch food. It was built in 1889, which will give you that feeling of touching the history. We are more than sure that every single one of our high end escorts will be thrilled to enjoy it with you!

Or if you want to try something new, why not pop to the theatre with one of our escort girls? The Royal Court was named “the most important theatre in Europe” by New York Times. And in our opinion they are right! You will enjoy it so much that you would just want to share this experience with someone else! And our London escorts will be able to understand and appreciate this experience as much as you do! You won’t run out of topics to talk about all night, which will add that little extra spice to your date with our girls.

Hyde Park is one of the nicest areas of London. And while you’re enjoying the perks of being in the area, why not enjoy it with someone as beautiful and magnificent? Our high end escorts aren’t the shy type. They would enjoy most of things if not all that you have in mind!

If you’d rather leave the room, as you probably already spend too much time there working, then our pick is the West End. Spend the day with one of our girls and get the best girlfriend experience day without any drama! Don’t forget to visit Kyoto garden, it is especially good in summer. You will also come across some peacocks and black rabbits; they are way too cute to miss them! Our amazing young ladies will attract them with their beauty. You need a sense of magic in your life sometimes, trust me our girls will be able to fulfil this.

If your wardrobe is out of new things, and you just feel that you need to update your fashion sense, look no further! Head to Golborne Road Market. Think Portobello Market, before all tourists and with that little feel of real England, before the big shops with branches in every single city. This is an accurate description of Golborne Road nowadays. So if you’re looking for something unusual, with a little hipster spice, this is a place for you. Your date will enjoy this experience and will be able to give you an advice on whether or not you should buy it.

Hyde Park is an amazing place to live and while you can you have to enjoy it. Our ladies know quite well how to enjoy their life and time and will be able to help you with it. Call us today and book your time of enjoyment!

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