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It’s not always easy to quit on a relationship with someone, we know. However, sometimes is absolutely necessary in order to maintain your self-respect and prevent being disregarded and used. You should remember that there is always someone else out there who would gladly spend time with you and fully appreciate your affections and attentions. And no, we’re not just talking about Park Lane and Mayfair escorts!

These things are not always easy to spot when you’re still in love with someone, so it might help you to read them here. We do try to help you guys too, we’re not just about you getting to book girls! Even if you choose not to end your relationship based on what you read, it may prompt you to take action and perhaps talk about the problems you have noticed with your partner.

She doesn’t plan anything with you. This is a common sign that things are getting out of hand. If she is no longer interested in planning things with you it could be a sign that she’s lost or losing interest. Pay attention to special events too, like your birthday, or hers.

She frequently disappears. No, it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s having an affair (although this could be the case of course). It could be just the fact that she’d rather be anywhere else than spending time with you.
She avoids your friends and family. If she’s withdrawing from this, it could be another sign that she’s no longer interested. A good partner takes an interest in their other halves friends and family.

She has stopped looking after herself. This could be just complacency because she’s used to you, so tread carefully here. However, if she’s no longer making an effort to look after herself or dress up etc. for you, then you may need to address it.

Remember that we’re not writing this so that you can be fasted on the draw and then book yourself with Park Lane and Mayfair escorts. We’re writing this in case you want to save your relationship or work on it in some way. If you can’t do anything about it, then by all means, be the one to end it all and leave with some dignity. If she has lost interest in you, you don’t have to be the victim here; let her be the victim!

Arguably the best way to get over a relationship is to spend time with other women. And when there are so many beautiful and attentive London escorts available, why wouldn’t you book one?! They’re available from £150, so you can’t go wrong really.

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