Park Lane & Mayfair

I may have told you that I am busy lately…yes, there are so many parties, dates and things to do and plan for and one little old me. I won’t pretend that I don’t enjoy these things, though, because I damn well do!

It’s not much of a chore planning for a holiday. Whether it be my impending trip to Canada or a job accompanying a client to New York for 48 hours, please let me tell you that it isn’t the hardest thing I have to do. Being a top London escort, obtaining my regular clothes, and having enough space in my passport aren’t things I consider strenuous to juggle.

Shopping for new clothes or trying out a new restaurant isn’t exactly like working with fellow Park Lane and Mayfair escorts; it is mainly a good gossip and catch-up. Still, when we discover a new boutique hidden away in Chelsea or a fab and funky new bar in Central London, we have to check them out to impress our clients with up-to-date knowledge of our wonderful city…not at all because it is great fun and an excellent excuse to shop and drink!

Even polishing my look if Mona, my regular therapist,t is unavailable and I have to try out someone new as recommended by a client’s PA and be treated to a beauty spa in Knightsbridge to brighten my skin and massage my hard-working hard-workingdon’t tell my regular therapist, she gets jealous!

So, when someone tells you that they are so snowed under and busy, make sure that what they are doing is something like holding together a lucrative banking deal and haven’t left their office in Canary Wharf for days, not a busty brunette trying on her new gear in the comfort of her Mayfair apartment!

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