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Getting online is the easiest way to select your perfect escort. Take London for example – There are a huge amount of escort agencies in London. They all advertise their ladies through their websites. London alone has thousands of girls available with prices ranging from £100 – £1000 per hour. So what is the escorts Goldilocks effect and how do you work out what is an acceptable price to pay for a high class escort in London
Many people believe that if you pay cheap you get cheap. However, you by no means need to think that the only way you’ll get a top escort is by paying a stupidly high price. And here’s where we can hopefully give you a nudge in the right direction. It’s what’s known as the escorts goldilocks effect and it’s well known in the sales industry.
For example, if you were to buy a seat on a flight you have 3 options – economy, business or first. Economy is the cheap seat for those who are after the lowest price possible and aren’t too bothered about the quality. Business class is a good deal more expensive but you get a lot more for your money and a much better service. First class is for those who don’t need to consider the cost. They always demand the best and usually because they can afford to.These 3 price ranges and they’re there for a reason. Between them they cover the needs of most customers.

Just Right

Majority of people see the middle option to be the best value for money, you pay a bit more but you get a bit more. It’s know as the goldilocks effect – it’s just right. So back to your agency selection. If you’re looking in the price range of about £300 – £400 per hour you’re on the right track for the middle ground. You really don’t need to be paying more than this for a beautiful high class companion. I mean really, what more could a £1000 per hour call-girl offer you?
Remember the goldilocks effect – some will pay more just because they can. However, it doesn’t always mean there is a massive difference in what they are getting.
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