Park Lane & Mayfair

You may think that the prices of such beautiful ladies are out of reach, but here at Park Lane & Mayfair, we are very competitive but mindful that quality does not come cheap. We have ladies whose prices range from £150/£200, which can be achievable. At this price, you can visit a lovely lady at luxury addresses all over London.  The girls are exquisite; these prices are competitive because of the convenience of configuring visitings that keep their costs down.

Time may be of the essence to you here. Our ladies work hours to suit you, which means if you think the time is too early, think again or if you think nobody will be around at this hour, again, believe as we are open 24 hours for your convenience.  You’ll also be surprised at just how short notice our ladies need to be ready for you, and you, beautiful ladies, are always groomed to perfection day and night.  Thimeansns yourarelyywaitingg around, meaning you can disappear for an hour or two and return to every without anyone notice ynoticingsappeared!!

If you like to take your time, book your beautiful baby for an overnight stay and wake up with her in the morning. , youilyou’llble to have a fantastic evening knowing that you don’t have to look at how many hours are left as you know she’s with you for the long haul, then, you know for sure you can read your hair down and have some great fun. We have many gorgeous incalin-calloutcall escorts you can pick of a very high calibre, who will make your evening an excellent and memorable one too…

Please be confident in knowing that our services are entirely discrete.  We will never contact you or give out your contact details without your consent first.  We sometimes ask for your name when you are staying in hotels. This is just for our girl’s security and a landline number if one of the girls is visiting you at your address.  We take the security of our girls very seriously and also care about our customer’s confidence.  We care about all parties involved, making us a trustworthy agency and one of London’s finest.

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