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If you’re thinking of making an appointment with one of our lovely young ladies, then there are a few things you need to know. Regarding basic escort etiquette, it’s best to be in the know when booking a London escort. Follow our advice, and you will start on the same page and become comfortable in each other’s company more quickly.

The basics escort formalities

When you’ve made your appointment, ensure the correct payment is available and ready. For example, if you plan to pay with cash, prepare the right amount for when she arrives. ClienIt is expected to pay their escort the total amount as soon as they meet. It’s basic escort etiquette to get the formalities out of the way so you can move on to the fun part! If you make a bank transfer, ensure you have the funds to pay immediately. Even better, pay in advance to avoid any inconvenience. Also, remember that you may enjoy her company so much that you want to extend your time together after the meeting. Therefore, you may need to ensure you have enough cash or funds available should this happen. You won’t want to waste a moment going to the cash point.

Prepare in advance

Whatever you have planned for the evening, arranging this before your escort arrives is a good idea. For example, you may want to shower, freshen up, chill some wine, or wait for room service. Get everything sorted for the time you’re together before your date starts. Regarding basic escort etiquette, you only get one chance to make that good first impression. After all, if you wait until she turns up to do these things, you’ll be wasting valuable time that could be used to get to know each other better.

The benefits of having one of our beautiful escorts are many. As escorts are more than just private companies, they can be accompanied to various places, which is an added advantage. Therefore, if you’d like to take them out, make sure it’s pre-arranged so your time runs smoothly. Book a table at your favourite restaurant, check out what’s in London, and plan your date accordingly. You won’t waste time finding a table at the last minute. And your chosen escort will appreciate the effort put in beforehand. It will make her feel more at ease knowing you’re in control and have everything planned.

Good etiquette is essential.

Our girls make perfect companions and go above and beyond to make your time with them memorable. Therefore, please put some effort in, too. If nothing else, it shows that you appreciate her being with you. Firstly, always be polite. They will be friendly, chatty and courteous, too, so there is nothing to worry about. Secondly, these girls are always professional from the moment you meet them. For example, they pride themselves on keeping in shape and ensuring they are as alluring as possible. Each girl has her style, dressing to impress on any occasion with high heels and delicate lingerie. So make an effort with your appearance too. Put on fresh clothes, shave and splash on some aftershave so you smell nice.

You might think that the chances of you meeting a lady like this are slim, but thanks to London escort agencies, it’s entirely possible and relatively simple. Escorts aim to entertain and keep their clients happy while pleasing their lust and deep-rooted desires. But they also expect a little effort from their client’s side. They are here as your chosen companion, so, as two is a company, do your bit to ensure your time together is as enjoyable as possible.

To meet one of our amazing girls, you only need to browse our escort gallery to see who’s available. Then choose your favourite lady and get in touch with us. We can arrange an appointment for the very same evening, and we will ensure your gorgeous escort arrives at a time that suits you. Dates with our escorts in London start from 1 hour, but you may desire longer than this. When you’ve relaxed and got to know each other a little, you may find that a large part of the hour has passed. Their company is so compelling that the time flies when you’re together. Luckily, we have stunning ladies available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call our friendly reception team, and we’ll help you find the right companion for your requirements.

basic escort etiquette guide with Park Lane escorts
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