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Here’s a little article about late-night drinking in Earls Court. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll be looking for somewhere to go with your beautiful date?

Following a recent night out in London, we returned to Earls Court and quickly realised we didn’t want to go home. We wanted to keep drinking a little longer. But do you know something? There are barely any bars open! At least in the main areas that we know of. The closest one to us was a tiny bar/club called Eclipse.

Eclipse is a rather typical-looking place. It’s a space way too small (upstairs, at least) where you pay a ridiculous price for drinks you could get anywhere. Yes, you guessed it, we’re not big fans of this place, and neither, it would seem, are our Earls Court escorts. They prefer to stay in their apartments with a bottle of wine if they want to have a drink. Eclipse is loud, cramped and overpriced. It is as simple as that. And if you are offered an opportunity to go there, don’t bother!

And what is it about London being so dead late at night anyway? Each city area should buzz with at least two or three late-night drinking dens! This city needs more! Perhaps we should arrange a bar for parties with the girls? Wouldn’t that be a fun night out?

Our advice, especially if you’re entertaining an escort in Earls Court, would be to return to your hotel if you’re staying in one. Most of the best hotels have 24-hour bars, or they will at least be able to send you room service. And let’s face it, if you’ve booked an extra long session with an elite escort, you will want to have at least a bit of a party, won’t you? Why wander around Earls Court putting up with the poor array of bars open for you?

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