Park Lane & Mayfair

My London escapades were now becoming addictive. My work at the London Consulting firm was above expectations, owing to the fact that my time there was the best I had ever had while at the consulting firm. The partners were impressed with my zeal and commitment and I was in line for a promotion. Suffice it to say, it was time to go back to London.

All the time I was home in America, I could not take my mind off two escorts I had seen. I missed them both equally and wanted to see them both when I went back to London. When I got to London I worked for the first 2 days non-stop hoping to make ample time to have two dates. As luck would have it, the workload was more than expected leaving me only one day to enjoy myself. I called Park Lane and Mayfair escort agency and told them that I did not know whom to choose. The lady at the other end suggested something I had not thought of. “Why not meet both of them at the same time?” she suggested. A bit hesitant I thought to myself……why not?

I met both ladies at the hotel bar not knowing what their reaction would be meeting me together. I found them laughing and chatting like old friends. One of the ladies suggested we go out to dinner and I took them to this stylish French restaurant. They were both dressed very classy and all eyes were on the girls as soon as we got in. I smiled as I watched the waiters scrambling to serve us. We enjoyed a great meal as the girls told me the wildest stories of their childhood. I felt so close to these girls that I even forgot they were High class escorts. They were like my two girlfriends in London.

I left a £100 tip as we left the restaurant, bracing myself for the best night of my life. When we got to my hotel room, I closed the door and turned to find both ladies kissing passionately next to the bed as they beckoned for me to join them. I love London!!

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