Park Lane & Mayfair

She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have come across many beautiful women in my life. This one though was on another level. She had extra-long legs and an exotic look that would leave even a crown prince breathless in awe. She had the darkest long hair and a beautiful smile and from where I sat I could tell that there was not a single blemish on her skin. She saw me sited at the corner and walked up to me as I sat staring in awe.

She sat at my table as the other men in the room stared in jealousy. I was on top of the world and did not even hear her when she said hi. Her voice was sexy and husky and she smelled of a perfume so light and sweet. She wore little or no makeup which was an extra plus for me. Finally I managed to say hi and she smiled a beautiful smile, making me wonder how a woman could be so perfect.

I offered her a drink and she ordered a mineral water. Soon enough we started to chat as she asked me what I did for a living. I stared at those beautiful blue eyes finding that I was explaining in detail what I did for a leaving having forgotten the cover story I had thought of using. I mean, how could one lie to someone so beautiful? She seemed to know quite a bit about my line of work and I came to notice that not only was she stunning, she was also great company.

Once we had gotten all the preliminaries out of the way she suggested that we go for a walk. She wanted to show me her city. I was up for it and we soon set out to walk the town. It was amazing the number of stares her beauty got from both men and surprisingly women. I was on top of the world with Catherine by my side. I even considered passing by the office to show her off. We did not seem to notice as we were having so much fun but soon enough it got dark and I suggested that we head back to the hotel.

Up in my room she needed to take a shower and I set out to prepare some drinks. After the shower was turned off, I turned to see her standing at the door of the shower with nothing but a see through negligee. I could feel my body tense with some parts getting harder than others as she walked up to me and led me towards the bed. As she begun to slowly undress me, my mind wondered if all Escorts in London were just like her.

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