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If eating alone isn’t something you relish, then our wonderful escort males will make it a whole lot more enjoyable. It’s not nice for most of us to dine alone – men sometimes can get away with it, but ladies feel a bit self-conscious when there is nobody sitting with them. Why not take advantage of booking one of our male companions and make the whole dining experience a bit exciting. You could go for a three course menu now rather than your old ‘eat and get out’ because now you will have somebody to share and savour the menu with.

We have escorts for ladies too didn’t you know? Oh yes, we think you hard working gals deserve to be pampered too – you may have been too busy to get a date for the evening and need one fast. Look no further than us, we have some delightful men on our books – granted there are not as many male escorts in London as ladies but the select few we have will bound to please no end. Our males are all very charming and know exactly how to treat a lady. You may need a plus one for a wedding and need a bit of eye candy, your friends will be very envious when Roman turns up with you – he knows how to carry himself and to be a complete and utter gentleman.

We all know that there are lots of women that have high paced careers nowadays which are on par with the men, so why shouldn’t you have what the men have been savouring for years? This sort of pleasure is uncomplicated, fun and none of your pressures of everyday dating when you don’t really have time to pander to relationships needs. It’s quite empowering booking an escort for the evening or whatever time you had in mind; knowing that you can book this escort whenever you want. You may build up a rapport with our male companions and whenever you are in town you can trust in the company of him.

So have a look on our male profiles and see which gentleman takes your fancy – we can assure you they are very professional and gentlemanly. If you’d like some advice just speak to our female receptionists which will only be too happy to answer any questions you may have – so go on make that call, and see what you have been missing!!

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