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Aside from the obvious reason why people book our gorgeous girls, there are the other new reasons why our clients book from our agency. And you can rest assured that we get plenty of new girls joining us!

When a new girl joins us we all get more than a little excited, never mind our clients. From an agency perspective, it’s interesting to learn just how popular she will be with our regular clients and just how many new clients she may attract. It’s also important to consider that when we get new ladies, they may well have joined us from a different agency and their clients will follow them. All good news for us of course!

The first reason new escorts get booked is because clients believe that they may well be escorting for the very first time. It’s an incredibly attractive quality to some clients. The fact that the girl may not have seen too many men is desirable because some escorts can actually become complacent with their career.

Without a doubt, the second most popular reason to book new ladies is the fact that they are all very eager to make a good impression. New girls, regardless of whether they’re new to escorting or just new to the escort agency, will want to build a client list. This will involve making clients feel comfortable and satisfied in order for them to secure a rebooking.

Again, whether new to the agency or new to the business, they will always look their very best. You can count on them having the best wardrobes. This is usually because they’re been out and bought new things to impress. More noticeably, you will find that as an escort starts making money, she’s likely to spend most of it on getting fancy clothes, shoes, accessories and lingerie! All good for you of course!

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