Park Lane & Mayfair

Think for a moment about all those TV adverts by Match and “elite singles” etc. There are bright looking, cheerful couples all having fun, bowling and cooking etc. But do they tell you that you’ll be signing up for a monthly membership that can cost you a fortune in the long run. Before you’ve even had a date?

You spend your days and nights glued to their website or app, waiting to see if your messages have been replied to, and they send you countless emails about “special offers” and things you could do. It’s all a sham. At least when you’re booking a Park Lane and Mayfair escort you can get on with it. You can see a girl you like, you can click on her and be with her within the hour with no messing about!

All that hassle before we’ve even mentioned just how much it can cost you to impress a girl you’re going to meet through one of those dating sites. We don’t really need to make a point of telling you that it’s actually cheaper to book high class escorts, but it actually really is! And this is only the first date! And who knows if this is actually going to go anywhere.

That being said, no man is an island! You can’t exist without any female interaction. Well, you can, but you’ll be miserable. So get those interactions on your own terms. Pay for time with escorts and choose when you want it. Then never see them again, simply choose a different lady to spend time with next time. Believe us when we tell you that it’s the cheaper and more efficient way to survive these days!

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