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Have you ever thought of an overnight outcall stay with an elite escort? You’ll want to make sure you have a few things at your place (be that your home or a hotel room) to enable her to freshen up and feel comfortable. A few toiletries, fresh towels, plenty of hot water for example should be the very basics. Small gifts such as perfume or luxury toiletries or cosmetics are always very welcome, as are lingerie or nightwear. Use your imagination; how would you treat your date on the first night you spent together? Remember, even though escorts are doing a ‘job’, they love to be treated to a few surprises too.

Once you’ve contacted the escort agency and arranged a meeting with one of our ladies, it’s time to make preparations to ensure that it goes as you’ve planned. If you’ve arranged to spend just a short time with your chosen companion, always make sure that you turn up on time. You don’t want to risk having your booked time reduced because she has another appointment after yours. Of course, always ensure that you’re clean and fresh. It’s best to treat a meeting with an escort just as you would any other date.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to spend time at her apartment, take along some things to help you to feel fresh and comfortable for example an overnight bag with some grooming products and perhaps a fresh change of clothing, and maybe even a small gift in there too.

Our ladies love overnight bookings because with the right gentleman (just like yourself) they feel they can relax and be themselves. You are able to get a much better ‘rapport’ with an elite escort when you spend a bit more time with her. You can just kick back with and relax, knowing she is with you for the duration.

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