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There is no accounting for taste on an individual level, but at Park Lane and Mayfair we try our best. Our high end escorts originate from all over the world including Eastern Europe ladies, South American and of course our Great British beauties. Many of these women embody what makes people from these countries so beautiful and unique, which is great for us and for you.

We have Indian companions who are slim, feminine, and pretty and perfectly proportioned. With naturally large, full lips, Indian women have a natural air of sensuality and mystique about them that just begs to be explored.

As you might expect, such women are of top class and take care of themselves which can result in something stunning. A different type of dusky, sensuality comes from South America where Brazilian escorts have luscious dark hair and olive complexions, coupled with the sort of outrageous curves that would drive anyone wild. Of course, we don’t dictate how the ladies look no matter where they are from, and it’s important that you don’t either. This will allow you to see them for who they are, and truly appreciate their beauty on an individual level.

Eastern European ladies make up some of the most sophisticated and elegant ladies that any Agency has to offer. With perfect slim bodies, these ladies look breathtaking in ball gowns, little black dresses, lingerie or just about anything. Our Park Lane and Mayfair escorts are a joy to be with, especially if you are attending a formal event where a guest is expected. What man can resist??

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