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Men, in our experience, sure do love a lady with curves. But if you want great skin and a peachy bottom with no cellulite, then you need to supply it with lean protein such as chicken, eggs and fish, good carbs such as plenty of green vegetables and whole-grains, and healthy fats such as olive oil and avocadoes.

Some men are fans of the breast – and no doubt about it, busty escorts are very popular indeed. But recent years have seen ‘the rise of the big voluminous derriere’, and Latino girls at Park Lane and Mayfair have certainly played a large role in ensuring the bottom’s popularity.

People are always asking all the time what the secrets of a good derriere are – they want to know exercise regimes and what to eat to ensure their derriere is high, round and firm. Some of our ladies certainly have the highly prized two ice cream scoops bottom.

Come closer and we’ll reveal all you need to know in your search for the perfect bottom! (And gents, you get to know what lengths London escorts go to in their quest for a body that drives you wild.)

Ladies, a great derriere is a matter of genetics usually a mother, grandmother and her mother before her to thank for their high, round peachy bottom. But you can thank Mother Nature for what she gives to you when she doles out her advantages but you must never, ever take it for granted – that’s for sure.

So eat what is commonly referred to as a clean diet. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t believe you should diet all the time to maintain your figure.

Take it from us, your behind doesn’t like lots of cakes and sweets and it will spread like crazy if you gorge on that sort of stuff.

Then there is an exercise regime – using lots of the videos you find on YouTube, the bikini fitness models (a lot of them are Latino ladies like the girls that work for Park Lane and Mayfair too) and  do A LOT of squats and lunges, using weights. It’s a great way to sculpt those curves.

There you have it – Park Lane and Mayfair’s guide to your best rear view ever.

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