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My client, John wanted to capture some physical attraction that starts in a subtle way but ends in fireworks. In my eyes, he wanted to partake in a cheesy teen movie but hey, each to their own.

John is a 50 year old investment banker who has been “happily” married for 30 years. He’s funny and interesting and very attractive and likes to call upon my services to fulfil what has been missing in his life. He doesn’t like to cuddle and hold hands. He likes to do things he hasn’t had the opportunity to experience from being in his relationship and he doesn’t want to ask. So, once or twice a month he books in with me and keeps my role play brain alive and kicking.

Last night we took a trip to a very quiet laundrette in a very quiet (is there such a place?) part of London and played “strangers who do laundry”. This entailed me dressing in pedal pushers and a sleeveless shirt knotted at the waist and he wearing jogging bottoms and a rugby jersey; each reading a book or a magazine and occasionally catching each other’s eye, then playing out the whole getting to know you scenarios with extra flirting for good measure. Then the real cheesy teen movie cliché of me leaving the laundrette with his washing and he leaving with mine. He then runs to catch up with me and we have a good laugh and our last look lingers. Cue the not-so-cheesy-teen-movie ending as we stumble across a hotel and have to book a room immediately and have our wicked way with each other as all that laundry air has made us frisky.

John is always good for a role play or a cliché or two. It’s great what you can come up with though when the two of you put your heads together. Quite often our ideas end up in my Mayfair apartment and I am playing nurse or maid but there are occasions where this London elite escort has met her match with some fabulous scenarios coming to light. Group therapy in a country mansion, ghost hunting in our own secret places and web cam teases in adjoining hotel rooms have been some of my personal favourites. So you can see how I can forgive this creative man for a cheesy laundry related game.

But like I’ve always said; each to their own…

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