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If you’re considering visiting an in-call girl in central London, and you’re a stranger to the city, you must understand the London Congestion Charge. If you’re travelling by taxi or public transport public, all should be ok, but if Park Lane and Mayfair have directed you to one of our escort’s flats and you decide to travel by car, you must make sure you’ve paid the charge in advance.

Once you’ve paid and entered your registration number, you can drive in and out of the Congestion Charge Zone. As you travel around central London, The London Mayor’s vast array of spy cameras will register your car’s number plate and match it against a database of registered numbers. Please don’t get caught with a fine, as your hard-earned cash will be wasted and money that could be spent somewhere more worthwhile, like our Park Lane and Mayfair escorts.

The Ring Road encloses all of the West end and the City, meaning that most of the areas in which our sexy London escorts have their in-call addresses were covered by the original London Congestion Charge Zone. Recently, the Congestion Charge Zone has expanded westwards, so it now encloses most of Chelsea and Kensington, another popular area for the very best London escorts. You’d almost think that the Congestion Charge was explicitly designed as a tax for the best customers of Park Lane and Mayfair!

Some businesses in Central London claim their profits have been hit, mainly because fewer people are travelling into the city’s centre and the cost of deliveries has increased. On the other hand, congestion does seem to have been reduced, although it is beginning to creep back up to its original levels. The scheme cost 200 million to implement and is likely to have paid for itself within a couple of years, after which the Greater London Authority can expect to rake in 130 million a year in raw cash.

In short, if you want to avoid the charge, the best bet is to travel to meet your Park Lane and Mayfair escort companion on foot or by public transport. It’s less stressful, anyway – who wants to turn up at some young escort in-call flat all stressed and sweaty out after an hour’s driving through central London? If the London Congestion Charge has one more benefit, it might be that London escorts’ clients arrive on time and are friendly and relaxed!

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