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What exactly is a curvy lady? Well, the word curvy usually conjures up images of women with a few extra pounds, adequately busty, beautifully rounded hips and an entirely natural body. If that’s your idea of a curvy girl, then you’re lucky.

At Park Lane and Mayfair, our high-ended escorts have your needs fulfilled. This is precisely how our curvy girls look. She possesses the all-natural figure most men dream about,  along with the attractive appeal of the girl next door. Our curvy girls are so in demand because they look like the girl you bump into on the street who catches your eye or the receptionist at work you occasionally flirt with but haven’t plucked up the courage to ask out. Our elite escorts are real; they’re the girl next door, and they’re available for your dating pleasure.

Of course, one of the more obvious reasons why many of our clients are so enthralled with curvy girls is their natural bust. While we offer a lot of escorts with enhanced breasts, a lot of men, mainly the older clientele, much prefer natural cleavage. It is genetically hard-wired into men’s brains to view natural breasts as an object of sexual desire. In many cases, naturally, busty girls often have curvaceous figures to accompany them.

Additionally, the fuller figure is also associated with maturity. One of the sexiest things in the world is a woman with the confidence to flaunt her body, particularly a body with curves and larger breasts, and this kind of confidence comes with age. As many women age, they become more concerned with their careers and families, so they neglect to keep their bodies in perfect super-slim shape. Of course, this is fine by us. Maturity is a sexy trait, and we are subconsciously predisposed to believing that maturity is associated with a curvy figure.

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