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We are a real fan of the Great British Bake Off, but have you ever thought that baking is rather like the escort business?

The talents of a skilled baker and skilled escorts are similar kinds of talents believe it or not. The baker must create a beautiful confection – be that a delicious loaf of artisan bread, a delicate pastry or a cake. The escort also needs to create – she needs to create a self that men desire greatly. You might think that means she needs to be beautiful herself, but we think creating a desirable self is very different from innate beauty – the beautiful self takes skills, creativity and talent.

The baker who creates those artisan breads needs a magical chemical reaction which produces a rise. The escort – well, she likes things around her to develop as well.

The baker of cakes longs to tempt and please people. The baker goes out of his or her way to produce the most luscious of cakes. Dense, moist chocolate cakes’ or the lightest of Victoria sponges sandwiched with fresh cream and home-made strawberry jam. Or a Battenberg cake, with its pretty pink and yellow squares and then of course there are the cupcakes, with their stacked high pretty toppings…

Our London escort too, loves to tempt and please. Just as a baker of cakes wants people to give in to temptation and cram their mouths full of their culinary creation, so to do our ladies. They offer up sweet little mouthfuls and they like to leave clients wanting more – and desperate to try again and again.

Then there is the baker of pastries – from mouth-watering short-crust pies to the flakiness of rough puff and the itty-bitty thin layers of filo. A good escort offers herself up like layers which the willing client slowly pulls away to reveal the centre.

Finally, a good baker uses intuition. The baker uses their sense of touch and smell to judge when something is ready, a good baker knows what ingredients will work together and will use their knowledge to create and improve on recipes.

A great escort will use intuition of course – they know when to talk and when to listen. They know when to touch and sooth, and when to wait until someone feels at ease. Our ladies know when to please and they definitely know the power of touch.

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