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I have a black and white canvas in my apartment here in Chelsea. It hangs directly above the bed, stretching from one side of the bedstead to the other. The image is of Marilyn Monroe, pouting sensuously into the camera and many of my clients comment on it. They tell me that she is the epitome of all that is womanly. I like to hear this because it reminds me that men like curves and I dip in and out like an hour-glass.

My male friends here in London constantly remind me that men do not enjoy making love to a woman with corners. Every time I refuse a pudding or complain my jeans are getting a fraction too snug, they leer crudely at my bottom. Within seconds, someone has made a comment about it giving them something to hold on to. That’s not to say that I don’t look after myself; a high end London escort has to care about her appearance and if you know anything about me by now, it’s that I am a tad vain. It’s just that I’m not struggling to maintain a size zero frame. If I dropped down to a Victoria Beckham figure, I would simply disappear. Just because it looks good on her, doesn’t mean I want to copy it.

Being fuller in the bust and hips also gives me a wider choice in lingerie. I enjoy lacy Basques and hipster briefs that cover a lot but promise so much. A hint of buttock and deep cleavage set pulses racing more than a thong and peep-hole bra. I like to suggest what is on offer rather than laying the goods out on the table. Don’t misunderstand me – I have said thongs by the plenty – but I try to be seductive. This Christmas I have my eye on a balconette Basque. I’m just toying with whether I want it in red, champagne or both.

When I look at centuries-old paintings and sculptures, they all depict rounded bosoms, bottoms and tummies. Rubenesque women were admired for being voluptuous and these days, a small waist and fuller bust looks amazing poured into a wiggle dress. But feeling sexy is about attitude. One of my Chelsea escort friends gained more work as she gained a few pounds. She was gorgeous before she went up a dress size and simply beautiful afterwards. She said her confidence soared and she felt more sensual. Obviously this came across in her aura as men flocked to her like bees around a honey pot! Soon her dates had gone from the odd Knightsbridge hotel to meals out at exclusive Piccadilly restaurants and celebrity dates at exclusive Casinos. Don’t tell, but her regular GFE is with a premiership footballer!

So after all the Easter Eggs left of from the break, I’m not going to be depriving myself quite so much and they are quite delicious. I’m well aware of my limits but if client like a bit more curve then who am I to deprive them!!

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