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Of course you know you’re a good guy, but unfortunately there are few unwelcome customers out there and we at Park Lane and Mayfair escorts agency want all our ladies to feel safe and hopefully we can give you a few pointers in the right direction. Also we want our lovely clients to have the best time ever with our ladies so we have also written some rules for them; as it works both ways!!!

When a new client calls the agency, the agency will verify the room number and name with the hotel before sending a girl. If you call from a mobile and give your hotel address be prepared for a call to your room just to verify. We don’t ever want to waste our ladies time.

On arriving to your hotel or private residence the escort will always call or text to the agency to say she has arrived. She also calls at the end of her booking to inform us she has finished and all is well.

When the lady arrives, the polite thing to do would be to offer a drink to the said escort. However, some clients can be very intoxicated, this sometimes makes a very unpleasant experience for our ladies. Remember, you want to enjoy your evening, but that won’t be the case if you fall asleep or can’t remember what even happened that evening.

It is also the case for our escorts, our ladies should be professional at all times. Drink to be merry!!!

If one of our escorts walks into a room and there are two men and the escort agency was under the premise that there was one man, then our ladies will refuse to stay and call the escort agency to inform them. Our girls will never stay if they feel unsafe and we as an agency will always respect this. If a client speaks with an aggressive or a demoralising tone – our ladies will leave.

Adhere to these rules and you will be set on the right track to experience a perfect encounter…

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