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So, the ‘wedding of the year’ finally descended upon us, and my, it was worth the wait. Attending Carl’s cousin’s wedding was not only going to be fun as we were acting in a long-term serious relationship but the wedding was themed as brides and grooms for everyone except the actual bride and groom. All the guests were requested to dress as a bride or groom to take the pressure off of the happy couple and the fact that they threw the ever-trendy mid-week wedding into the mix; I was so looking forward to it.

Finding out what my clients like and dislike is part and parcel of my work. Finding out and remembering birthdays, senior schools, and university grades is new territory. Carl, being single, a workaholic and living out of a suitcase for a few years as he is trying to settle deals in different countries seriously, has raised issues for his family on whether Carl is batting for the other side. Enter his favourite London escort to woo and fool Mother and Father…and the other 300 guests at the big shin ding.

I wish I could share pictures with you. The venue alone was One Marylebone. The location in Central London was actually like stepping out of London altogether. The magical decor and the stunning flowers and twinkling lights were all breath-taking. Seeing all the guests wearing white and ivory hats and tails was also bizarre. It was great even seeing the grandmothers and great aunties getting into the swing of the more modern gowns. I flirted innocently with the older men in Carl’s family. I discussed clothes and celebrities with his female relations and, for the most challenging task of all…winning over his Mum. I have never felt fear when speaking to anyone, not even my Mother, but this woman was a different kettle of fish.

We discussed my Mayfair home and my profession of being a beauty therapist and personal shopper (I got to explain my fab shoes and perfectly coiffed brunette locks somehow), and though she was wary, to begin with, my sweet nature seemed to have her fooled that her baby boy was being looked after by his doting girlfriend.

Soon, the bride, all dressed in…plum, entered, and the groom, waiting patiently at the front all dressed in jeans and a shirt, were united in holy matrimony,y and their glittering diamond bands gleamed as brightly as their smiles as they skipped down the aisle for the first time as husband and wife.

Now, I must say, through all the crazy requests for everyone else to be wearing the gowns and morning suits and the ever-popular mid-week party, the actual day was as weddingy as it came.

But I must say, I have never been to a wedding where you get more than the usual wedding favours of a sugared almond or a stick of rock; enter the Tiffany goodie bag—certainly more than enough tip for being a perfect girlfriend for the day.

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