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Have you heard about the new 1-hour hopper ticket introduced on London’s buses and trams?

It will also be extended to the Underground. The hopper system means that any journey that lasts under an hour on London buses and trams only requires one ticket, even if you have to change buses. This brings London up to speed with other cities in Europe, where riders have enjoyed cheaper fares since, well, pretty much forever. We say bring it on, as transport has to be one of London’s most needlessly expensive outgoings, and is one of the downsides of living in the world’s most fantastic city.

With more art galleries, luxury shops, sporting events, concerts and – of course – hot girls than any other city, London is a fine place to live. But let’s face it, public transport is so much better in Paris, Berlin or Copenhagen, and getting from A to B, or Tottenham Court Road to Sloane Square, can be a real pain. And it hurts even more, given what we must pay for it!

With the hopper ticket estimated to create 30 million free journeys each year, you can save money on life’s daily expenditures.

We suggest you use the savings to treat yourself to the very best that life has to offer. And what could be better than a date with a beautiful escort from Park Lane and Mayfair?

You work hard and sometimes need to release the steam, so why not give yourself what you deserve and have a steamy encounter with one of our ladies? Since they come from open-minded and fun-seeking countries like Brazil, Park Lane, and Mayfair, ladies know how to make a man feel like a million dollars.

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