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There’s something about September, it’s has a kind of magical feel to it. So many wonderful transformations take place in this month but so few people ever stop to take notice. Busy work schedules, the morning rush hour, targets to hit, deadlines to make. Therefore, it’s worth remembering that September doesn’t wait around to be noticed. Just 30 days, that’s all you get of this enchanting month before it steps aside allowing October to take control. Our splendid September escorts know this well. They always make the most of this glorious month before the winter kicks in.

End off the summer with our September escorts

With the summer coming to an end, the nights getting longer and the days getting colder, September has always been one of those strange months. This month always seems to let you know that change is coming, with everything around telling us that the next season is setting in. Everything slowly starts to look different, from the colour of the trees as autumn sets in, to the window displays down the high street. The sexy summer flesh revealing skimpy dresses of our splendid September escorts are finally packed away for another year. However, September still manages to keep us holding onto those summer thoughts with its beautiful blue skies. These beautiful warm afternoons gently ease us into the cool evenings ahead.

We may now be half way through, but the month is by no means done yet. There are still some bright days and al fresco evenings to be enjoyed before the scarfs come out. Make the most of this month and enjoy what’s on offer. September certainly likes to put on a show for all to enjoy. You just have to find the time to take it in. Make a date with our splendid September escorts and make the most of the end of the summer in style.


Splendid September evenings with London escorts

Splendid Evenings

Try a walk in the park as the sun starts to set or a dinner for two sitting out on the pavement while the evenings still allow. We’re always happy to provide you with a companion so you can enjoy the delights this month has to give. Our London escorts are always delighted to spend some one on one time enjoying new company. In other words, make the most of what’s left of this months beauty with a beauty of your own.

September is handing it to you on a plate so take it while you still. With so many magical happenings who knows where the night might take you.

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