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Meeting escorts for the first time can be quite exciting as well as nerve wrecking. You may be so worried that you make a fool of yourself that you forget a few things along the way. To help you remember as well as prepare for your date with the escorts in London, here is a check list that every man should have to ensure that he does not forget the important stuff.

Check list for your date with the escorts in London;


Park Lane and Mayfair ladies are always safe. Whilst are ladies always come prepared they may not be enough for what you have in mind for her, ensure that you buy some protection too. It is better to go in well prepared than not prepared at all.


Without this you won’t even have a chance of getting a whiff of the perfume of our Park Lane and Mayfair ladies. Most escorts if not all collect all their fees not at the end of the date but at the beginning. They will not do anything further until they have checked to ensure that you paid the price that was decided upon by the agency. Ensure that you have this sorted out and ready to give our ladies as soon as she arrives.


Going on a first date is always the hardest. Despite this try to be as confident as you possibly can. Speak fluently for her to hear you. Ensure that you have great posture sitting as well as standing since this is a dead giveaway among high class escorts as to whether or not you are confident in yourself. Confidence goes along way on your date especially when you enter the bedroom.


Don’t sit on a date with a beautiful lady and the only thing you have to talk about is the weather! Change up the topics a bit, ask her about herself. Don’t ask boring questions; add your own twist to it. You’ll be surprised at how much fun the both or you will have not only on the date outdoors but the continuation of the date that happens behind your bedroom door.


This should go without saying but I will say it anyway. Respect her for who she is and not what she does. You hired her so that he both of you can have a great time together. Ensure that this happens at all times. Don’t belittle or talk down to her. Never lose sight of the purpose of the date which is to have fun!

Write this list down if you have too. You don’t want to forget what you would need to get through your date with your companion. Preparation is the key to ensuring that everything works smoothly. Good luck on your date! And remember to enjoy it.

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