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We have all made mistakes when it has come to love. The sad thing however is when we continue making the same mistakes whilst expecting a different reaction or outcome. This of course is totally absurd, since it is totally impossible to get different results when you continue to do the same thing.

When it comes to attracting women, some men just keep making the same mistakes over, and over, and over. They have yet to realise the mistakes they are making, only the results which show that they can only stay in relationships for short periods of time.

Here are a few common mistakes that men make that we would like to point out to you, to help you understand and change things.

You don’t understand women!

When it comes to attraction, women and men are on two totally different levels. Men tend to feel attraction towards women based on their looks then they can build from there. For women on the other hand, they feel attraction through emotional connection. There are certain qualities that women look for in a man which link to the way he makes her feel. If you don’t learn how to use body language or your communication correctly, then you may never be able to snag the woman that you want.

It’s not all about the money!

If you see an attractive well put together woman, we can assure you that she’s making enough money to look after herself and she’s proud to be independent. The last thing that she needs is a man flaunting his money in front of her face. Do women find that attractive? No. Would she be willing to go out with you again? Probably not: unless, she’s a Park Lane and Mayfair escort.

Looks are the last thing on her mind

Let us share this piece of information with you. No woman likes a man that knows he’s good looking! These men tend to be vain and selfish and these qualities are a sure-fire turn off! We’re not saying that if you are good looking make yourself ugly, but the way that you take care of your looks will determine whether you have a fighting chance or not.

When it comes to attraction, remember that men and women are different. Whatever you are thinking, she’s thinking the total opposite. Talk to your female friends and family. Have an open mind if you want to learn all there is to learn about women and what attracts them to men. If you can do that then you can have any woman that you want because it’s all about skill!

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