Park Lane & Mayfair

Our Park Lane and Mayfair escorts are irresistible and the perfect choice if you aspire to date with an escort. However, there are some dos and don’ts of dating these beautiful ladies. These are just some simple rules to make your moments even more magical and fulfilling. Remember what to do and what not to do while dating high-end escorts.

Be specific about time, venue and services
It would help if you always were specific about the time, venue of the date and the particular services you wish for. State clearly about the areas in London you want to visit or if you want someone to see you. This is important to clear any possible misunderstanding. If you want to book a date in your hotel room, it’s better to look for escorts staying nearby. If she is not accessible at your stated time, propose another time.

Be respectful
Always be respectful while you are on a date with an escort. It would help if you were genuinely courteous from your first call to the agency. Remember, escorts, too, are professionals and hold the right to be respected.

Pay her in advance
You should always pay the fees in advance when she steps on your doorstep. Do not expect her to wait until she’s finished her service.

Groom yourself
Some clients don’t bother to pep themselves up while on a date with an escort. But you certainly should. Our escorts always make sure to look their best to impress you. As a top client, you should also do your part to impress her.

Don’t be late
High-end escorts are busy professionals. So, could you not keep them waiting? Be on time and keep the agency informed if you are late. Your appointment gets cancelled if you don’t stick to the agreed time.

Don’t force her
Do not force her to do anything that she does not want to do. Our lovely ladies would make sure to fulfil all the desired services that they agreed to. However, if you want something extra and she doesn’t want that- you cannot force her into anything.

No personal questions
Do not make her uncomfortable by asking her any personal questions. It would help if you also refrain from asking things about controversial topics.

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