Park Lane & Mayfair

This evening I have a sexy-stranger scenario style date. Lonely, beautiful woman sits alone at a bar. Sexy, handsome stranger approaches and uses his boyish charm and black AMEX to cheer her up.

Chris is a 40 something married music producer. He’s smart, witty, filthy rich and gorgeous.

I’ve had a working relationship with Chris for 2 years now and we’ve enjoyed some great girlfriend experience dates, late night rendezvous’ in London’s Soho and I have accompanied him on many overseas business trips. Chris is a self-confessed attention seeker and what he doesn’t get from his stable life at home, he certainly gets every pennies worth from me as his beautiful British escort. Our first meeting was at a private party in a member’s only club where we proceeded to get to know each other and allow everyone else to get to know us, as we engaged a not-so-private glass room. Chris could not contain his excitement at being the envy of all these rich socialites basking in the knowledge that they were totally unaware that his scantily clad partner was a model escort.

Tonight I am to be sitting alone in the Rumi Bar, dressed to impress and sipping a Cosmopolitan. Chris will be strategically placed in the bar with a colleague, talking facts and figures yet mentally undressing me and trying to catch my eye as I look back coyly. He will cut his meeting short and impress his colleague as he approaches the young lady and joins her, waving him goodbye with a smug look on his face. Then he will make a grand show to all around at how chivalrous he is by joining me and buying me drinks. A couple of hours of outrageous flirting will commence until he leads me outside by the small of my back suggesting to all and sundry that he is taking me home; which of course he is, back to his hotel room in one of London’s finest. So, looking exquisite, yet slightly forlorn and in need of a companion will be perfected by shopping for a new dress (any excuse) and going to see Mona my beauty therapist for some tips on how to get the doe eyed but sultry make-up effect.

I’m looking forward to visiting London’s Harvey Nichols to purchase that slinky satin Donna Karan with the high yet tasteful split up the side and 5 inch Giuseppe Zanotti sandals.

The excitement of that alone will set me up for the night ahead.

Remember, if you need a sexy maiden by your side you are able to arrange one of some of our ladies at very short notice. They are groomed to perfection and will never ‘show you up’ you are safe in the knowledge that you have booked a professional and will always be on their best behaviour that is until they get you alone!!

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