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As you may well imagine, in my line of work, keeping to a tight schedule is a must. By this, I mean making sure I leave with plenty of time to spare in case of traffic issues and I NEVER book a client back to back. I pride myself on my punctuality and privacy.

And today you will understand why…

Sometimes I work from home; my Mayfair Apartment is spacious and tastefully decorated in neutrals. It’s my boudoir that boasts colour, sensuality and a closet full of props/costumes – and a rather handy en suite shower-room. (Notice I said “boudoir”. My home has two bedrooms and there is the one I sleep in and the one I entertain in. Considering that the hallway turns either to the left or right, if I’m entertaining chez-moi, I can avoid a client stepping into my personal space by steering him immediately through the left door. This saves time and the need for hot beverages.

Once upon a time my bedrooms were the other way around. I soon realised by mistake when a client took the scenic route through my front room, getting an eyeful of my life and a pile of post on the table. I felt exposed and spent the rest of the day moving furniture around.

As you may well imagine, my neighbours and immediate family aren’t exactly privy to my line of work. London may well be a large city but it is amazing who knows whom within a 5 mile radius. As you know, my clients come from all over London and Surrey but I just can’t trust people not to show up early, catching me on the hop. I have an entry-phone system into my building but it terrifies me that my mother will be let in by a kind-hearted neighbour on their way out the door. I tend to schedule week-day luncheons with the parents away from home. If they ask, I have no food in the house or I’m temping at an office nearby.

While I enjoy the odd home-visit, I much prefer meeting my dates in hotels bars, clubs and restaurants – mainly because it means I have the opportunity to leave punctually and I’m not chivvying anyone out the door. While the choice of venue is 99% that of the client, I have never visited the same place twice in a week. This did actually happen to a fellow London escort recently but the professionalism of the Maître d’ was outstanding.

As today is Friday, I have booked my afternoon and evening dates three hours apart. I never visit clients in the same outfit (how distasteful) – even if logistics would have it otherwise. If I can’t get home to change, I always carry fresh underwear, toiletries and a spare top in my bag. And if all else fails, there is the matter of my MasterCard and a trip into Kensington

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