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There’s no such course that shows men how they should behave when trying to seduce a woman. It just has to be played out naturally and you learn as you go along. There may be books and mentors on the subject but mostly you just have to pick it up as you go along.

However, Mayfair escorts can help a lot. The kind of things you will learn with us is how to understand women a little better. Let’s face it: girls are a mystery to someone like you. But one thing that is foolproof is, making a girl laugh! That puts you halfway there.

Women love humour – and we are not talking about lame jokes or nervous tales of when you were on a London bus and wondered why everyone was looking at you, only for you to later learn you’d left your flies on your jeans open. Keep it real, make it humorous and allow the woman to have some input on the humorous conversation.

Our London escort agency has dozens of girls on our books. You will be expected to manage the meet up with dignity, the right behaviour and respect when you hire an escort from us. If you want to take things further then that is up to you and your companion. But don’t expect many affirmatives, as the high end escorts are in this industry is for business purposes. Pleasure can be a sideline, as in any business.

First you need to decide how you want to meet. An in-call appointment is one which takes place within the rooms of her place. This could be a hotel room, a rented apartment or her very own flat. You will travel to her house or flat and you will pay the visit. An outcall is where she will come to see you at your home, flat or hired hotel room. It’s up to you to decide how you want to meet and who you’d like to see.

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