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Have our high class ladies ever refused to meet up with a client who had contacted Park Lane and Mayfair a customer asked us the other day? It’s a good question and one that I’m sure many people want to know the answer to. And we’ll give it to you now – yes.  We are a fair and honest agency and if our ladies don’t want to see a client, well they are perfectly entitled not to see them.  Are ladies don’t have to give a reason but some of our ladies have not seen clients for different reasons;

One scenario was a bit of a moral issue. She was aware the client had a large family and that there were money problems. She just couldn’t justify the fact that he was spending his money coming to see her – not when there were children at home that needed to be fed and clothed. She explained to him her reasons but I’m not sure he understood them. She hasn’t seen him for some time – we’re hoping that’s a good sign

Sometimes girls actually begin to fall for clients and makes life a little awkward for them. They like to keep a strict distance between their personal and working life. When strong feelings come in to it, that distance diminishes and things get messy. They simply had to stop seeing them as a client. Sometimes they do see the client for a short time as a boyfriend. In the end the client can’t handle the fact that she met other men through her work! And yes, that’s where she first met him, in case you were wondering. What’s good for the goose isn’t great for the gander it appears…

Another time a high end escort stops’ seeing a client is because of the reverse scenario i.e. he had fallen for her – in a big way. At first his devotion was nice but then it became a bit obsessive and over-bearing. He wanted to see her exclusively which was impossible for her and not how she works. Then the gifts would arrive on a daily basis. Of course the girls like receiving gifts (what woman wouldn’t) and it’s normal for clients for buy a lady a little something now and then. But the gifts from this obsessive client were over the top – expensive jewellery with his name and hers engraved on it, huge big cuddly toys and flowers by the cartload. To be honest it became really embarrassing.

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