Park Lane & Mayfair

Some research has found that our productivity increases during bad weather because we are less distracted by the thought of enjoying a sangria on the beach and calling friends to hang out with. That is great news if bad weather occurs during the week: we can bury our heads in work and free up more time for the weekend!

If you come from hotter climates like many of our gorgeous Brazilian and Middle Eastern ladies, then the cooler weather may be a nice change from the heat in the UAE or Rio. At any rate, you will be more inclined to enjoy indoor activities, and in London, there are plenty of exciting diversions for you.

Culturally rich and dynamic, our city has many art museums, theatres, fine dining restaurants, concert halls, venues and art galleries to enjoy. Many platforms are open till late, so you can make the most of the nightlife in the City!

You can even unwind by staying in and opting for room service or making a reservation at the ballet, opera, show, or whatever takes your fancy. Of course, being social creatures, we do much better with company who can share the experience of a great night out or in.

Park Lane and Mayfair are the first port of call for many visitors to the city because their companionship, availability and entertainment skills are second to none. Booking our London escorts is convenient and can be done simply over the phone with the utmost discretion. When it comes to enjoying a rainy day with company, no one is more stylish or sensual than us, so this could be the best way to while away a week of bad weather in London.

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