Park Lane & Mayfair

Of all the different types of escorts in London, Park Lane and Mayfair girls are the most alluring for clients; their understanding of the corporate world and enjoyment of pleasure, of being a sensual young woman, is most intriguing.

If you wish to combine business with pleasure whilst in the capital, then we are ideal for both corporate functions and personal companionship.

We offer a specialist service beyond private entertainment and partying. The nature of this service is reflected in the price, often in the £300+ range. Although the rates are premium, you can rest assured that your companion is a reliable professional and blends well in any high-powered corporate event. Many of our discreet and qualified professionals are confident to be placed in such an environment.

If you need to impress delegates at a business party or celebrate closing a business deal, then Park Lane and Mayfair are the best you will find anywhere in London.

To book a beautiful escort is very simple: our hard-working staff is contactable all year round, so your inquiries can be answered promptly. If you prefer to book online, a reservation form has all the information necessary and fields to help us arrange a booking for you. It would help if you gave at least half a day’s notice for corporate bookings for the escort to prepare and choose suitable attire.

A simple screening is necessary to confirm a booking. If you are staying in a hotel and want an escort, we need your reservation details to verify you are a guest. If you have booked a hotel visit, then the landline for the hotel must be provided.

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