Park Lane & Mayfair

We love pleasure – and we love to spread it. Our mission statement is to spread joy far and wide, bringing happiness, excitement, warmth and friendship to clients all over the city, visitors to the UK and more.

Robert Burns hints that pleasure is fleeting – a momentary, ephemeral thing that fades too quickly, especially when we set out to pursue it deliberately. While we can’t argue with the skill of Burns’ words and understanding, we do not think pleasure needs to be so momentary.

Indeed, our business here at Park Lane and Mayfair is to make pleasures regular and accessible to those who seek thrills, excitement and beautiful company! What do you want an elite escort for – if it’s for fun, excitement and pleasure, then our London escort agency is a great place to start. If you want company, our girls are all friendly, conversational and beautiful companions. If you need a touch of glamour and sophistication in your life, then once again, we can provide you with what you want.

And because we know people’s tastes vary widely, our girls reflect different tastes and preferences. Some clients love high-end escorts; some gentlemen prefer blondes. If Double Trouble is the name of your game, we have escorts for couples, and we have plenty of adventurous duo ladies, too. We have Brazilian escorts, famed worldwide for their incredible figures and generous natures, and we have Eastern European companions who are stunningly beautiful. View our gallery and find your perfect match…

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