Park Lane & Mayfair

Our lovely ladies are highly selective in how many clients they spend their time
with. Unlike regular escorts in various cities around the globe, our companions are career women in their own right and have forged their success in multiple fields of modelling, academia, media or the theatre.

Our ladies enjoy the company of discerning gentlemen and are extremely judicious about who they spend their free time with. They limit the number of gentlemen companions they spend their time with to ensure their attention is reserved only for a few gents.

In addition to their obvious beauty and sophistication, our escorts have excellent backgrounds and have been afforded the finest education possible. Academic achievements are not the only accomplishments our Park Lane and Mayfair escorts excel in, as many are also professional and highly skilled masseuses with a charm and allure that our clients will find utterly intoxicating.

There is much that sets our ladies apart from other professional companions; however, it is those less obvious talents; our ladies in London have perfected the social graces expected in various countries, so a night out at a restaurant or other formal gathering will always be enjoyed and will never become a minefield of social faux pas or embarrassment for the client. Our beautiful young ladies are the very epitome of style and finesse, and each of our ladies can be booked with confidence for a variety of different encounters in all parts of the world.

For those wondering what makes our ladies unique, a single date will give you all the necessary answers.

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