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It’s a well known fact that come the end of February most people give up their New Year’s resolution and carry on as normal, ready to make the same resolution next year.

Never mind, we have something here to cheer you up. If your wish was to get fitter then why not train on our ladies? A good sexy workout can burn off alot of calories and will definately be more enjoyable than pounding a treadmill!! You could book one of our ladies 3 times a week, it could be a little more expensive than a gym membership, but in all honesty will you really be using that gym membership every week? We guess not, and at least booking a beautiful escort will be something to look forward to.

If your plan was to eat healthier why not take on of our Park Lane and Mayfair ladies to a health farm for a weekend. For a start our ladies love anything healthy and when you are spending time with such a beautiful lady, your appetite will decrease and you’ll want to impress her by eating right and looking good. If a health farm is a little unrealistic for you, you could always take our ladies out for lunch or dinner and instead of a heavy meal have something light and pass on the carbohydrates. Eating with somebody who too is health conscious like our elite ladies gives you the motivation you need.

And if you wanted to save some money this New Year? Well we can’t lie, you won’t save money seeing our ladies but who wants to be the richest man in the graveyard? Life’s for living and you only live once, so do anything that pleases you, and that includes seeing one or many of our lovely London escorts

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