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In the olden days (the 18th and 19th centuries), it was a rite of male passage that an older man would often pay for his son or other relative to visit a selected lady and be introduced to the world of female comfort.

A pretty good idea in the right circumstances, the older man would choose a lady who really knew what doi, and that woman would give the man expert lessons in the art of love – lessons he could then take forward to his marriage. I think there must have been many women in town who didn’t know it but could have given thanks to our escorts.

There must have been many women who might otherwise have gone to bed on their wedding night fumbling off who had no idea what he was doing. I think it is much better that they could go to their wedding bed with someone who has been taught the arts of seduction and could introduce them to the delights of the bedroom.

So, does that ever happen these days,t then? Well, it does happen from time to time. There are worldly kinds of men who recognise the importance of spending time with a woman and appreciate the lessons that can be passed on in this way.

A friend of mine performed this task recently. She said the boy, who was just an adorable 21 years old, and very, very nervous. Our high-end escorts are primed to deal with nerves, and we are very good at putting people at ease.

My friend said she took her time and introduced the young man to all she knew. You may not be surprised to hear that when the experience was over, he declared himself in love with her. That is a shared experience, too – a man is overwhelmed with emotion and finds himself with the woman who has triggered that emotion.

My friend let him down very gently, and she said that he would go on to love many women. At some point, he would find his true love – and that love would you think of me because, thanks to me, you and that woman will have such a charming time together.”

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