Park Lane & Mayfair

You may have guessed by now that I love to dress up. This isn’t an insecurity thing like an actor playing the part of someone else so they can escape their own reality. Oh no, I don’t like to think too much in psychobabble; I just get on with things for fun and fun is exactly what my kinky evening partner likes.

I met Henry about 2 years ago through an ex associate of mine. She was studying and on a gap year and while she was meant to be exploring the world in the search of inspiration for her fashion degree, she actually stumbled across me at a meeting for us VIP escorts and asked me to take part in a little ménage a trois with her and Henry. Henry did ask us girlies, though already very different looking, to dress completely differently, wigs, costumes the lot. So out I went with little miss fashion mag while she proceeded to march me down Oxford Street and show me a whole new side to dressing up. We bypassed the expense of Selfridges originally for the fabulous fancy dress shop tucked neatly away and that’s where my flirty sailor and oh so sexy ring mistress additions came from. But, my little friend advised me that mix and match is the way to go with Henry so nipple tassels from there and maybe a silk and lace thong from Selfridges was necessary. We both pulled out all the stops with sensuous materials, sexy wigs and smoking hot stockings that had both of us practising before we set our act on Henry.

So, with my fashionista extraordinaire leaving Henry and I to fend for ourselves and me having learned all the shopping and fashion tips that I possibly could from my guru, this was the beginning of my regular changing faces ritual with a very happy client.

We have played sexy Spanish senorita going out to the theatre, museum tour guide lurking with her one tourist in a forbidden room and so many more. Tonight’s rendezvous will be a James Bond themed casino in London’s Mayfair set up. Out comes the Uma Thurman wig and slinky dress with far too much cleavage exposed and looking like the clueless woman when really I will hustle the punters at a fixed table of actors which Henry has arranged and act the mysterious lady as he follows me to the gorgeous hotel suite next door to un-wig me!

Oh and this time it’s the client always wins…believe me.

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