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I have clients who think, just because I see them every week, they know me the way they might know a wife or girlfriend. Sadly, should I ask them my favourite colour, designer brand or even my birthday, they’d draw a blank.

Some might argue that it isn’t their place to know these finer details – we have a purely business arrangement after all. Others would insist that we should get to know each other this way so our dates become much more intimate. They like that GFE escorts Park Lane and Mayfair pride themselves on.

And one of these gentlemen is Thomas.

Thomas and I have been having a discreet relationship for the last eighteen months. We see each other once or twice a month and we have a whale of a time! We shop dine and dance the night away at all the most expensive clubs. Life is never boring when I’m on Thomas’s arm and he prides himself on knowing what this girl wants.

So, the other day he asked me if I would play a game with him. Gathering all the information he has ever stored about me, he said he would surprise me with something tailor-made. All I had to do was be ready at 10am whereby a personal driver would pick me up, drive me to a secret location and the rest would become clear. I was nervous and excited all at once; wondering what he might choose for little old me. You just never know how people see you, right?

The Mercedes was waiting for me bang on 10am. The driver buzzed my apartment and I came straight down. We zipped through the morning traffic, taking the scenic route to throw me off the scent. Finally we arrived in Knightsbridge and I was dropped off outside Harrods where a smartly dressed woman was waiting for me. She shook my hand and asked me to follow her, without giving away where this mysterious place might be. I thanked all the deities that I had worn my Chanel suit and Louboutins for the occasion! It doesn’t do to be scruffy and ‘so-last-season’ when those assistants give you the Harrods once-over.

Finally we came to a stop in the jewellery department where my guide turned me to and said “wait right here.” I bounced on the balls of my feet anxiously until she returned with a velvet covered jewellery pad displaying a white gold bracelet. I gasped audibly. “Is that a Carolina Bucci?” My guide smiled and nodded. “Your boyfriend said it describes you perfectly.”

I was touched. Amazed, in fact. The bracelet was a silk and braided 18K white gold creation, with a diamond feather ornament. It was so delicate and frankly… beautiful… I thought I might cry. As I picked it up and asked the assistant to tie it for me, I wondered if I had ever seen something so chic before in my life.

So Thomas really does know me after all. I met him for lunch straight after my half an hour of heaven in Harrods. The boy done good, and didn’t he know about it! After all, these things work both ways…!

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