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I’ve been topping up my tan. My clients always appreciate an all-over tan on their chosen Park Lane escorts. I have no tan lines at all, and I’m a gorgeous golden colour from head to toe, I’m delighted to report.

A tan tends to make you more confident, too. Londoners can often be a little reserved, I find. You keep your head down, and you don’t talk to strangers. Although – maybe they smile at me for different reasons! It’s difficult to resist a gorgeous girl who struts down the street with a happy, carefree smile on her face, after all. Maybe you are now asking why I have this big smile on my face all the time. Well, ladies, let me enlighten you…

There is a client that I’ve been seeing an awful lot of – maybe he’s part of the reason why I’m so happy. I always enjoy meeting new people – and we lucky escorts in London get to do that all the time.

This guy was introduced to me through another client, who recommended me and my excellent services. My new client runs an international business based in Singapore, and this year, he needs to spend a lot of time in London.

The city can be a lonely place when you’re stuck in meetings all the time, so he looked for some friendly and fun company – and I was able to provide it. As you know, I’m a real professional in escort work, but let’s say this client is exceptional and rather dishy, too – (which is always a bonus). Not only that, but I enjoy his company.

He’s funny, he’s witty, he has great conversation, and he appears to be highly interested in me – what I think, my opinions, what I like, what I wouldn’t say I like, etc.… Now, that’s all rather refreshing.

I’m just wondering, though – how will I cope when he returns to Singapore next week?

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