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Park Lane and Mayfair ladies are multi-talented, as you can probably imagine, and intimate massage is one of their skills – one that is much in demand for our ladies.

By its nature, massage is intimate work anyway. Skin-on-skin contact is a potent tool for healing and unlocking tension and stress. Many clients do not get a lot of skin-on-skin contact in their daily lives simply because they spend too much time at work when they are not in a relationship – sometimes, they are in a relationship and still not receiving skin-on-skin contact, something we find unbearably sad.

Even a simple back massage can work wonders. Our professional high-end escorts apply their fingers to the pressure points across the top of the back and the neck and melt away all those tension points. Usually, they use lightly scented oil and ensure the room is as warm as possible so that the skin can take in the oil, and the warmth of their hands can work its magic. Sometimes, clients want Mayfair escorts simply for massage. We have a few regular clients who request this. A few ladies are fully qualified masseuses who can give you whatever you require: Swedish massage, aromatherapy massage, deep tissue and Shiatsu.

The latter uses localised finger pressure in a sequence, following acupuncture meridians. You hold each point for two to eight seconds to improve energy flow and help bodies regain balance.

So that’s massage in general, but what about intimate massage? There are several ways you can make massage even more personal. Here at Park Lane and Mayfair, our girls like using blindfolds on their clients as it heightens the sensation of touch when one of your senses is shut off; they always warm oil up in their hands first to ensure it feels soothing.

It’s good to go for erogenous zones – not just the obvious ones, but a touch of areas such as ear lobes and the neck. And, of course, our ladies don’t just use my hands for massage – they use their feet and chest to invoke beautiful sensations. Breasts rubbed up and down the back is something very sensual. We don’t think there is a straight man alive who doesn’t love that.

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